Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Bowl Weekend Recap

You didn't really think I was going to talk about football this week did you? That's just not going to happen. I don't eat Doritos. I don't drink light beer. And I definitely don't watch American sports. I gave up on football a long time ago. Why? Because I am a Detroit Lions fan and that means I experience nothing but pain, sadness and confusion when I try to follow my favorite team. I just don't need the stress. How can we get the #1 draft pick every year and still never make it to the playoffs? It makes my brain hurt just thinking about it. I didn't even watch the Super Bowl because there was a far more important sporting event this weekend. That's right, the Charlotte Mountain Bike Winter Short Track Race. No, you didn't miss the ESPN coverage when you stepped away from your TV to get a snack. Oddly enough, their cameras never showed up. There must have been some sort of scheduling error. I'm sure they meant to be there.

A short track race in itself is not particularly noteworthy. No, this weekend gets a few column inches because there was a two day celebration of awesomeness that began with a Mexican pajama party. You read that correctly but if you would like to go back and read it again I'll wait. Yes indeed, a Mexican pajama party. I suppose I should clarify that the pajamas themselves were not in fact from Mexico or any of the Spanish speaking areas near the border. That would have been cool though and I'm going to work on that for next time as long as the shipping costs are reasonable. This particular gathering of friends was formed around a table of Mexican food with a requirement that all guests arrive in their sleepwear. We did set some ground rules ahead of time of course. No dairy in the guacamole and no pajamas that might have been worn on a romantic weekend trip to the mountains. Nobody wants to see me in a bottomless tuxedo. Trust me on this one.

Nothing makes people smile like turkey burritos and cozy sleepwear.

Here we see Ripley preparing to launch an attack on a pair of innocent party goers trespassing on his couch. You don't want to see Ripley angry. You don't want to see him too happy either but that leads us to a story for a blog with a monthly membership fee.

Our gracious hosts basking in the sweet glow that could only come from Jess' candy-like margaritas.

After a night of laughter and overeating it was time to hit the race. Rising early after eating my weight in burritos was no small feat but I managed to roll out of bed before dawn motivated by the fact that I don't have a car. When you have to choose between getting up early to bum a ride or sleeping in and pedaling through the city the decision is easy. The morning got off to a great start and the shop had a sweet set up just feet from the start/finish line.

Screw the pro teams, we had donuts!

Bicycles East was well represented. Cody(far right) may be the fastest of us for the moment but I'm old enough to buy beer. Take that!

Despite week upon soggy week of rain here in the Southeast the course was in great shape. With three riders in the singlespeed class Bicycles East was set for forty five minutes of lung busting short track mayhem. Photo dump anyone?

A clean bike is a fast bike. Write that down.

Why is it that whenever I go into the woods large men in tight shorts start chasing me?

Justin learned a hard lesson about riding behind someone with thumbtacks in their jersey pocket.

My body double makes me look fast. I don't do any of my own stunt work.

Aaron rocking one of many slick turns.

Aaron was all smiles after his first foray into mountain bike racing.

With a life like this you don't need cable.

The salesman told me black arm warmers are slimming.

All in all my first race back after a one year hiatus(that's german for economic recession) was a great success. I finished well off the podium which was a huge relief. I would hate to change the subtitle of my blog. Stay tuned for some exciting news about the new race rocket I'll be throwing a leg over in the very near future. That was called a teaser by the way. A teaser is used to entice an audience to return in search of future entertainment.

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