Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey, Where Have You Been?

Wait a minute. Ok, fine. I dropped off the face of the blog-o-net for a few days. What can I say? The stress of a new job combined with a lack of saddle time proved to be a toxic cocktail. Now that I'm back on track there is much to talk about.

First, where have I been and who or what I have been doing? My two week media black out began with an event that can only be described as inspiring. By inspiring I of course mean that it was intimidating to the point that I wanted to run home and hide under my bed. Yes, I fit. No, I won't show you.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to volunteer at the Crossfit Sectional Games in Charlotte. On paper, this athletic spectacle seems just a little far fetched. When you see it in person it is just plain ridiculous. Four WODs in two days is not something I want to do any time soon. However, I did sincerely enjoy watching other people destroy themselves. That was a good time. Sand bag sprints, rope climbs, clean & jerks and so much more. I got to watch the pain and suffering from the sidelines while I played t-shirt salesman and music coordinator. These roles required so much effort that I had to take on an assistant.

If only I could teach Max to make me a sandwich

My personal adventure with Crossfit has been wonderful. I have seen tremendous gains over the past two weeks with the highlight being the completion of 100 unassisted pull-ups on Friday morning. I may not have been able to lift my arms above my head that night but that is a small price to pay. I gain a sick satisfaction from knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am the fittest person in my office. And the most handsome if I do say so myself. I have to settle for office domination because the little Italian in my house can dead lift me while I hold on to two twenty pound dumbbells. So it goes. At least I'm taller.

For those faithful readers wondering about the broken relationship between my Kona and I, there is an update. I can't say that all is forgiven but she appears to have come to an understanding that life must continue, even for those with broken hearts. She and I spent some quality time together on Friday afternoon at my beloved local loop. Gone was the awkwardness felt only one month ago when she cast me into the stones. Gone was the tension. Gone was the anger. We flowed together once again and it was a beautiful feeling. The weather could not have been better and the trail conditions were perfect. Each ride on my Kona brings me one closer to my last and I try to hide my excitement the best I can. My new bike has yet to be delivered but that very special day is fast approaching. When it happens, you will know. Not because I will write about it but because you will see the sun shining just a little brighter that day. The flowers will smell just a little bit sweeter. And when you feel the kiss of an exceptionally pleasant breeze on your cheek you will know that I have finally thrown a leg over my new big wheeled friend.

I also have an economic update to share. I have heard a great deal of chatter about this so-called recession and let me say that it is total bollocks. High unemployment rate my eye. I'm over-employed. What is all this jibberish? I have finally started working at my favorite bike shop! My Saturdays will now be spent spreading the gospel of Merckx from my podium in downtown Matthews. My first day was a blast and I can't wait to spend the rest of my summer enjoying the sweet perfume of bike grease and inner tubes. Stay tuned for updates on any major shop events as I will be sure to blather on about them here.

I know you have all been waiting for the track cycling history lesson that I promised so very long ago but you will have to wait just a little bit longer. Its hard, I know. To get your fill of track excitement you will need only to turn your attention to on Wednesday. That's right folks, the UCI Track Cycling World Championships are finally here. I can only imagine how excited you are. Who will win the 4k? Will it be the be Bobrick, the ripping fast Aussie? Will Taylor Phinney pull off back to back gold medals? Oh, there is going to be so much to talk about next week! Don't pretend that you won't be back. I know you'll be here. That's what I pay you for.

My closing thought for the week has me celebrating a ride that I did not personally witness but I feel must be recognized. There is something very special about a rider's first experience on a new bike and one of my favorite local riders enjoyed just that this weekend. With the help of her startlingly lovely guide, my favorite immunologist put her new Tricross through the paces on Saturday afternoon and the result was a smile from ear to ear. I've infected yet another. It's good to be me.

A lovely sight indeed