Monday, May 6, 2013

Hey! Look Over There...

I'm not attempting to distract you while I steal your sandwich.  Unless you have a really good sandwich.  If I find out you have corned beef and miracle whip on wonder bread you are in big trouble.  Just keep your hands away from my mouth and accept that you won't ever see your beloved sandwich again.  Maybe you should just order a salad next time.

I recently wrote a post for the Carolina No Name Ultra Trail Runners website.  Check it out along with other great content at  Don't be afraid.  I know new things can be scary but we can do this together.  Like tandem kayaking, fraternity parties and democracy.  Wait, do all three of those things give you herpes?  Maybe you should go check out the site on your own and I'll just wait here.  I'll miss you though so don't be gone long.  And while you're away, get me a sandwich.